February 25, 2019

About Us

Serving authentic Indian cuisine since 1991, Saffron Patch savors great food and ambiance. Step into the Saffron Patch and the fragrant aromas of vegetarian delights such as Palak Paneer (home-made Indian cheese tossed in creamy spinach sauce) or Baingan Bartha (charbroiled eggplant sautéed with ginger, garlic, onion and green peas) will fill your senses.  The clay oven gets much of the credit for the restaurant’s good scents with the searing of Tandoori chicken and tender lamb chops over mesquite coals. Guests will also find specialty drinks such as the Mango Madras, the Navan Cosmo or the Coconut Mudslide to quench their thirst.  For a unique dining experience, come to the patch; we will awaken your senses with our flavor.

Sheela Sogal founded the Saffron Patch in 1991, and it didn’t take long for it to become a fixture of the Northern Ohio dining scene. It is a favorite of those partial to Indian cuisine, but also those looking for simply good food and a unique dining experience.

Saffron Patch’s chef uses 38 different herbs and spices to create a very flavorful and healthy cuisine. Many of the entrees contain no curry, using cardamom, fenugreek or saffron instead. Few of the dishes are genuinely spicy – the Chicken Vindaloo and the Lamb Madras are among the exceptions.

All foods are made to order, as mild or spicy as you request.

The large, well-varied menu includes fresh fish, such as salmon, halibut or mahi mahi, chicken or shrimp cooked with garlic herbs, spices, tomatoes and olive oil tossed in an Indian wok. The Tandoor Lamb Chops are perfectly spiced and broiled over mesquite in the clay oven.